SHOWA 306 Latex Waterproof Work Gloves

SHOWA 306 Latex Waterproof Work Gloves



This SHOWA 306 glove is a coated latex palm grip glove. The 306 is also coated in latex foam, which allows for excellent breathability keeping the wearer’s hands dry and comfortable. This material is also water resistant, preventing rain and liquid from reaching the wearer’s hand. The SHOWA 306’s powerful grip qualities make is perfect for heavy duty lifting and carrying, especially in poor weather conditions.

The SHOWA 306 Latex Work Glove is popular in industries such as aerospace, agriculture, automotive, construction, manufacturing and railway work. The glove is not limited to these industries, and would be perfectly suitable for a range of other industries conducting similar work.

The SHOWA 306 Glove conforms to EN420:2003 + A1:2009 & EN388:2003. This is an extremely high performing glove which the wearer can rely on to protect them in some of the worst conditions. Its durability, powerful grip and cosy fit make it one of the best latex work gloves on the market.

A durable fully-coated latex glove offering powerful grip. Aerated latex foam coating allows perspiration to escape whilst resisting rain and liquids from the outside. Ideal for heavy duty handling tasks and when exposed to changeable weather conditions.

Reduced perspiration when it's hot yet warmth and dryness in wet conditions.