Our mission is to cut through the noise of industrial sales. The best products at the best prices, it’s really that simple.

Wolfhound Direct is the UK and Ireland’s premier supplier of industrial consumables

Our platform enables our customers to buy the best products without the nonsense. We’ve tested the products so you don’t need to. We’ve cut out the middleman so you can keep working. We’ve cut down our overheads so you get the best price.


The year I filled the boot of an estate car with stock and first hit the road, we’ve come a long way.


The number of products that were in that boot. These days we are constantly testing and adding new products, always searching for the best, for you.


That’s what we make it. Our custom platform has been beautifully crafted to make your life easier. Order when it suits you, day or night.

Tired of salesmen wasting your time? There is a better way, check us out, you’ll see.

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