GT7 Next generation penetrating oil 600ml

GT7 Next generation penetrating oil 600ml

Lubricants & Chemicals


GT 7’s useful properties include:

Moisture Repellent
Fights Rust
Penetrating Oil
Contact Spray
Protective Agent


GT 7 quickly repels moisture due to its extremely low surface tension and strong penetrating characteristics.
GT 7 fights rust in the shortest time due to its unique cold shrink effect which cracks and dissolves rust particles.
GT 7 has a strong penetrating capacity, with the result that it can penetrate into even microscopic small openings.
GT 7 stops creeks and squeaks instantly and is an ideal lubricant for fine mechanical and electrical components.
GT 7 detaches oxidation and is the ideal spray on electrical appliances, household devices, battery terminals, distribution boxes, etc, due to its strong penetrating capacity.
GT 7 cleans pneumatic tools, cylinder locks, deposits of tar, brake fluid, etc.
GT 7 also fills small uneven surfaces and pores and creates a long-lasting, transparent and moisture repelling layer.

GT 7 Applications

Stops and Prevents Short Circuits
Loosens Tightly Rusted Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Valves, Antennas and Moving Parts
Protects Ignition Mechanisms Against Moisture
Cleans Electrical and Electronic Contacts
Makes Chromium Components Shiny Again
Makes and Keeps Locks Ice Free
Removes Oil and Tar Stains
Cleans and Protects Rims
Removes Moisture from Switch Boxes and Electronic Measuring Equipment i.e. Garden Lighting
Protects Metal Components, Chromium, etc., Against the Influence of the Weather, Sprinkled Salt, etc.
Detaches Dirt, Such as Tar, Fat, etc.
Cleans, Protects and lubricates chainsaws and mowers , hedge and garden shears ensuring they are always ready for use
Lubricating Bicycle Parts: Chain, Gear System, etc.
Lubricates and Protects Hinges and Locks
Protects Skates, Hooks, Tent Pegs, Ski Equipment, etc., Against Rust
Cleans and Protects Fishing Rods Against Moisture, Dirt, Deposits, etc.
Protects Drawing Systems, Tension Belts, etc.
Prevents Short Circuits on Electrical and Electronic Contacts
Lubricates and protects Drive and V-Belts enabling quieter operation and increased life span
Internal Protection of Drills, Polishing Machines, etc., Against Moisture
Applies a transparent protective layer on wheel rims against road salt, tar deposits etc.
Internal Cleaning and Lubrication of Air Pressure Machines
Prevents the Formation of Scaling
Lubricates Roller Bearings and Guarantees Smooth Movement
And thousands more: The list just goes on and on!